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Piloty building

Sept. 7th – 9th, 2018
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Admission incl. Breakfast and Cup for everyone born after 2000-09-07.

€13.37 incl. 7% VAT

Admission incl. Breakfast and Cup for all people having trouble to pay for the Standard ticket. We will not ask any questions why, just choose this ticket if you feel uncomfortable paying the full price.

incl. 7% VAT

Admission incl. Breakfast, Cup and a small gift. This ticket price corresponds to the costs we have organizing the conference.

incl. 7% VAT

All of the above plus a suprise gadget for all people wanting to support the conference. Selling this ticket allows us to sell 23 € tickets as well in order to make our conference more affordable for everyone. Warning: This year, this ticket does not include access to the Speaker's Lounge.

incl. 7% VAT

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